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Head profile of Chuang Caleb

Chuang Caleb

software dev
with a different story.

I professionally tinker with UI design systems & dynamic web apps — and unprofessionally with narrative storytelling.

You'll find out about me on this site. Wanna work together?



I am currently a Software Engineer at Airasia MOVE @ LinkedIn. I work on UI/UX & Network Logic for our flights booking web interfaces at — visual and technical design is fun!

Growing Up

I found aptitude in Redstone and Game Dev/Design, where I first started coding. Through a BSc Computer Science w AI, I’ve found Software Dev (notably Full-Stack Web) as an accessible medium to create experiences.

My Passion

is in Storytelling & Narratives: “finding universal truths of human experience, and translating them into cohesive drama”1. I express through music, theatre, film, storyboarding — even tech. I have a lot to say about story, if you’d like to hear from me!

Digital Garden

I also upkeep a Digital Garden with Obsidian — I journal daily & write down everything I learn. I publicly expose a subset of my notes at /garden and post life updates at /now!

/ projects

Portfolio Website

Personal portfolio site to share (1) about myself + (2) content I’ve written. This v2 focuses on streamlining DX by leaning into CSS Variables.

School Messaging System

Telegram Bot + CMS / DB

Telegram bot for school staff to send messages/pictures of students, while matching to the parents’ Telegram accounts from Directus CMS. Effortless auth via secure deeplinks.

PowerKids Kindergarten

Brand Website

Official company website to showcase the benefits of PowerKids Kindergarten School for the user conversion of parents.

There's a lot more where that came from!

GitHub profile all my repositories

/ skills


  • semantic-html
  • a11y
  • browser-compat
  • core-web-vitals
  • domain-mgmt
  • seo

UI & Styles

  • raw-css
  • design-system
  • preprocessing
  • color-theory
  • ux
  • fluid-responsive


  • rest-ful
  • async-program
  • caching
  • rendering-strats


  • prpl
  • big-o
  • compress
  • image-optim
  • hydration-strats


  • reusable-modules
  • modern-syntax
  • code-smell
  • design-pattern
  • code-conventions


  • bundling
  • version-control
  • infrastructure
  • ci-cd-automation
  • releasing


  • markdown
  • md-flavors
  • mdx
  • regex
  • nlp


  • english-proficient
  • storytelling
  • game-design
  • game-dev