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RAYA - Index

This is my pitch for a Raya and the Last Dragon rewrite in a TV Series format.

After writing Disney's Raya – Cultural Review and suggesting some constructive criticism, I was inspired to stitch together a proof of concept outline — and as things usually do, they got out of hand.

It’s in a very rough beat sheet/outline form. It’s far from complete, yes, I just add more whenever I feel inspiration (+ motivation lol).

I’m very proud to show off the outline of at least the first two episodes — they are complete and self-contained. And I think I’m cooking with them.

This is also my first attempt using Longform to compile individual notes into one mega output note → Disney's Raya - TV Series Pitch.

  1. RAYA Disclaimer
  2. RAYA E1 - Kumandra
  3. RAYA E2 - Tail
  4. RAYA E3 - Talon
  5. RAYA E4 - Spine