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RAYA E3 - Talon

Episode 3 - Kumandra’s Faces



  • switcheroo fake artefacts, how to trust the real one?
  • Boun and Sisu on the hunt for a ship component fix part, that broke by the Druun because Raya doubted Boun was going offshore to memoralize parents
  • dragon-fruit
  • remember to show off Raya’s spasm PTSD once
  • Heart refugees undercover in Talon
    • Raya is excited to meet her own people, trusting them!
    • but they betray her — you can’t even trust your own
    • foreshadowing Raya’s betrayal?
  • masks, costumes, disguises
    • oh it’s a Mask Festival
      • the idea is that the real dragons/help are the friends we make along the way(?)
    • a chase scene where everyone looks the same
    • Sisu doesn’t want/need to wear a mask
    • would be cool if she turns into a dragon, people think she’s a costume
      • people are just so numb with lies that they don’t know the truth
  • Every trust can be broken for a price
    • Raya bargains to buy off Talon’s Gem piece by betrayal
  • “Everyone’s a fake, anyways. A dishonest man, you can trust to be dishonest.”
    • A greedy man, you can trust to win as the highest bidder
  • Namaari’s scout as an agent
    • the scout steals Raya’s whip-sword artefact and returns to Namaari
    • Raya is more angry at Namaari — it’s her last attachment to her father, as well as a Gem piece
    • Naamari actually hadn’t commanded it. She sighs and makes plans to make use of it. She’s still upset with her scout, and decommissions him. Her true motives are still murky.
    • now the gang ends the story down with one gem piece in the hands of the enemy.
    • they will encounter Namaari in Spine.
  • two Talon locals: one child, one cynical parent figure
  • Raya’s stuck — she sacrifices(?) herself, resigns to die (water? Druun?)
    • she tells Boun and Talons: follow Sisu. She trusts them with the artefacts (she’s been stingy with them all this while). It’s really her last moment. She echoes her father’s One Kumandra.
    • The parent figure believes Raya.The parent figure switches places, so that the parent figure gets turned to stone, trusting that Raya will really turn all the stone people back.
      • maybe the parent figure lost someone to stone
    • the Talon kid now joins them on their journey, having to revive parent figure
    • maybe it’s the kid who believes
    • maybe the Fang scout imposter is here too, still taking an artefact for themselves
  • Namaari subplot
    • early scene showing dispatching of scout?
    • talk with one of her party, an older guy who remembers before the Great Division
    • they have to shortcut through Heart to get to Fang early
      • Namaari’s also PTSD’d at Heart
      • maybe she got the mentor’s brother petrified at Heart
      • they don’t know the full truth? Virana pushed a story that Raya shot first after leading Namaari into a trap?
    • They get to Fang by the end of the episode — they need to be in Spine by the next


Namaari Interlude


  • Namaari and her crew are surveying from a lookout point, making camp
  • A glow appears, off in the distance, along a river
    • Junior Soldier: “That must be Khaang. He needs to pick up his pace to Talon.”
    • Namaari, “Raya will know he’s spying on her if he barges in on a large noisy Serlot.”
  • Namaari turns back to an older soldier
    • “Admiral Thaanh, can’t we find another route back home to Fang?”
    • “Princess, if you want to make it back in three days without meeting any Druun, then we need to go through Heart.”
    • Namaari’s reluctant.
    • “I know how much that night hurt you, fifteen years go. I was there, too. But if Raya is out to steal the Gem pieces of every tribe, then your mother needs to make plans.”
    • (What? Namaari, hurt? Wasn’t she the one who backstabbed Raya?) #payme
  • “Okay, Admiral Thaanh. Let’s hope Khaang succeeds in…”

Goodbye Boun, Hello Talon


  • Chyron: TALON
  • some establishing shots: the floating platforms, the merchant boats, lanterns, noisy crowds


  • The Shrimporium pulls into Talon docks. The gang steps out.
    • Sisu ogles: I didn’t know Talon became so beautiful…
    • Raya: After the Druun returned fifteen years ago, Talon moved onto their lake to be safe from them.
    • Boun: If only the families in Tail could’ve banded together like this.
  • Raya: Boun, this is for your the past week of delicacies on the Shrimp-museum.
    • Boun protests the name, but eyes widen as a bunch of coins drop into his hand
    • Raya: Like I promised. I’m sorry I assumed the worst of you. Purchase your ship repairs and go crazy with cooking ingredients. See you, kid.
  • “Thank you, Raya. I wish you smooth sailing!”
    • They part ways.
  • Boun reaches out his hand at the first stall for a fruit.
    • Raya catches his hand and leads him away. She whispers, “That’s fake.”
    • Sisu: “Fake?” They regroup away and look around at the stalls.
    • Raya: “They’re almost all fake. They’re banded together alright, a band of scammers and frauds.”
    • “Why do people still work with them?”
    • “Because like it or not. Without Talon, the tribes wouldn’t trade with each other.
    • Kumandra would’ve fallen. But you still have to keep your guard up.”
  • Boun: Is that why you have those glowing weapons?
    • Raya defensively hides her satchel.
    • Sisu stares through Raya.
    • Raya analytically confesses. “I am not from Tail. Yes, I am collecting glowing weapons from each tribe. I have an important mission to make things right, for everyone. I’m sorry I’m not telling the whole story, but this is the truth.”
    • “Okay.” “Okay?”
    • “Yeah. I didn’t tell you about my parents, either. Like it or not, I guess I have to trust you just enough to win together. Like the people of Talon.”
  • “Gus-gus. Stay safe, Boun.”
    • “Take care, Raya, Sisu!”

The Plan + Mask Festival

  • Raya: I told him the truth.
    • Sisu: Half-truth.
    • Raya: It’s all-truth. Just not all the truth there is.
    • Sisu: It’s a start.
  • You’ve not been here because you’re scared of water.
  • masks
  • Sisu: Okay, so I was thinking you let me go first.
    • Huh?
    • With the Talon Chief. Hang Dai?
    • “Dang Hai. And no, you can’t come”
    • I’ve been asleep for 500 years, the Druun monsters are back, and I’m the only dragon who isn’t stone.
    • if he finds out you’re really Sisu, then he’ll imprison you and use you. Easier: I’ll just dip in, get the gem, and get out.”
    • We don’t need to steal, we can work together.
    • Things are different now, Sisu. The chiefs may have worked together 500 years ago, but nowadays, every chief just works for their own tribe.

Meet Noi, Nan and Ner

  • three Talon locals
    • we find out later that one of them is definitely a Fang spy
    • all three are frauds in some way, though
    • who’s the spy?
  • Noi pretends to be the chieftan’s daughter
    • only during Mask Festival can Noi go around anonymously
    • Noi helps to get Raya to the palace
    • “Dang Hai only has sons…”

Getting to Dang Hai


  • Midpoint: realising there’s a Fang spy
    • only one of the gang knew about the plan

Namaari in Heart

False Victory with The Gem

  • reveal Nan is Noi’s parent figure

The Trap


  • one of them sells Raya out to the local Talon authorities
  • Raya looks back; there isn’t much time.
    • “My real name is Raya, daughter of Chief Benja of the tribe of Heart. The land of Kumandra fell apart because I made a mistake. Sisudatu is the Last Dragon. If you re-assemble the Gem, she will revive everyone who was turned to stone. Don’t trust anyone. Or do. I don’t know, I just know that I trust you. I have to.”
    • She throws over the satchel containing the Gem weapons.
    • She looks away. “I’m sorry bá, I couldn’t do it.”
  • Noi takes Raya’s place
    • “Noi, she’s just another liar!”
    • “No! For the first time in my life, I’m hearing the truth.”
    • Noi exchanges places with Raya: she gets petrified.


  • The Shrimporium sails off
  • Raya files through the satchel
    • She double-takes. Ruffles it again. Turns its contents out.
    • The Kujang. The Karambit.
    • Heart’s Whip-Keris is missing.
  • Raya freaks out. Wails. Angry.