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Frozen II Rewrite – Beat Sheet



The initial project started in 21 Dec 2019, after watching the movie twice in early December.

Key Points

  • Aligned and synergised the climaxes of Elsa’s and Anna’s arcs
    • Elsa sees Anna in Ahtohallan
  • Refocused the themes and motifs of the story
  • Ensured constant ticking-time bomb and antagonistic force:
    • Antagonism personified by a human, Runeard
  • Concrete plot/scene objectives
  • Kristoff isn’t a himbo anymore, he contributes way more with his subplot arcs with Anna and Mattias
    • Mattias isn’t a plot device, he contributes more
  • Made magic out of plot holes
  • Reworked the lore
  • Fleshed out objectives and conflict of our two factions in the Forest
  • Everyone has personal callbacks to F1 during this quest
  • We see new opinions on events of Frozen 1
  • Cut down on action screen time for story development

First Draft

Once the First Draft was complete, I did a screen recording with handpicked soundtracks, scrolling through the sections according to the emotional dynamics of the music. I uploaded this to wtsa’s instagram highlights reel.


It was my first time writing and realising a movie length story, even if an “alternative universe fanfiction”. There were a lot of writing techniques applied and skills developed.


A second rewrite over Spring 2020 where I toyed with the idea of Arendelle getting destroyed by the flood. I also went back to iron out plot holes and tidied up the script.

F2R Commentary

Adding comments to the Google Docs, giving my commentary on the different plot points and purposeful details, the why and the how. My thought processes.

This was for a reminder for myself, as well as for anyone interested to read.

I stopped at the Campfire Truce scene because IT TAKES SO MUCH TIME